Warranty obligations


Warranty obligations are governed by the legal norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Infradeep (hereinafter the Company) in accordance with the law determines the warranty period from the date of purchase of goods in Infradeep.tech (hereinafter the Store) which is indicated in the product warranty card. To obtain warranty service, you must present a document confirming the fact of the purchase of goods in the Store, a warranty card or a bank account statement confirming the purchase of goods.

1. The right to warranty service is provided in case of inoperability of the device, defects in components and factory defects.

2. The guarantee does not give the right to understate the retail value, terminate the contract or demand compensation for losses due to non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

3. The company reserves the right to make a replacement instead of warranty repair. It may be a similar or newer model.

4. In the following cases, the warranty is not valid:

a) natural depreciation and amortization;

b) defects resulting from improper use and non-compliance with maintenance standards or from improper maintenance of the goods;

c) repair and interference with the electronic circuit, with the exception of repairs in the Company service;

d) damage resulting from accidents and force majeure, for which the Store cannot be held responsible.

f) slight deviations of the product characteristics from the declared.

5. The application for warranty service is accepted only after the presentation of copies of the original payment document or warranty passport for warranty service within the period specified in the warranty card from the date of purchase of goods sent to the Company by e-mail.

6. The fulfillment of the guarantee under this guarantee obligation is possible only upon presentation of a check or bank statement of payment, as well as a guarantee passport with a detailed description of the technical problem. The Company undertakes to make warranty repairs or replace the goods as soon as possible.

7. The implementation of warranty service does not change the terms of warranty service.

8. If repair under warranty was carried out within the first 6 months from the date of receipt of the purchase, the cost of delivery of goods for repair to the Store and back to the Buyer will be carried out at the expense of the Store. The store does not return the cost of packaging material for the delivery of goods to the Store! After 12 months from the date of purchase the cost of shipping for the repair of goods to the Store will be carried out at the expense of the Buyer. The cost of delivery of goods repaired under warranty from the Store to the Buyer is paid by the Company within 24 months.

9. The Buyer is fully responsible for the delivery of goods for warranty repairs to the Company. The Company is fully responsible for the delivery of repaired goods to the Buyer.

10. Other claims, claims for damages the Company does not accept.