Company history

Our company was founded in 2018 by two people: Anton Kovalev and Rashid Sagirov. Their acquaintance took place at the circuit design courses that Anton taught. Despite the great difference between each other, their desire to create products for musicians was exactly the same, thereby after some discussion it was decided to create a company called INFRADEEP.

The mission of the company was the strive to give to the world high-quality hand-made instruments with an original and interesting sound. The founder of this concept was the prototype of a serial duophonic synthesizer with the working name Polymorph. Based on this, the idea of creating the PVX-800 synthesizer and finding the foundations for its implementation was laid. Active work on debugging, launching production and solving legal formalities was carried out about a year. An assembly room was equipped, top-notch specialists were found and the best components were purchased. And after a series of trials of various technical solutions and innovations, the final model of the company’s first product was formed.

The PVX-800 has become the hallmark of INFRADEEP. But our team is not going to stop there, preparing a number of fundamentally new and interesting products for the world market.