Company history

Infradeep was founded in 2018 in Novosibirsk, Russia.


The mission of the company was the strive to give to the world high-quality hand-made instruments with an original and interesting sound. The founder of this concept was the prototype of a serial duophonic synthesizer with the working name Polymorph. Based on this, the idea of creating the PVX-800 synthesizer and finding the foundations for its implementation was laid. Active work on debugging, launching production and solving legal formalities was carried out about a year. An assembly room was equipped, top-notch specialists were found and the best components were purchased. And after a series of trials of various technical solutions and innovations, the final model of the company’s first product was formed.


The PVX-800 has become the hallmark of INFRADEEP. But our team is not going to stop there, preparing a number of fundamentally new and interesting products for the world market.