Delivery agreement



Delivery of goods is individual and coordinated with the buyer by employee (hereinafter the Store).


1. The seller reserves the right to choose the optimal carrier, as well as in case of exceeding the dimensions, the right to shipment in several packages (freight items).


2. Shipping cost is calculated automatically. Delivery time is indicated by the store employee after the goods are dispatched based on the data that are provided by the carrier upon departure.


3. If the ordered goods are not fully loaded, the Store reserves the right to send the ordered goods in parts at its own expense, if possible.

4. After an unsuccessful attempt to deliver goods through the fault of the Buyer, the Store reserves the right to withdraw from the contract. Money will be returned to the Buyer’s account immediately.


5. If the ordered product is not available, the Buyer has the right to pre-order by paying the cost of the goods. The store, in turn, undertakes to send the goods within three months from the date of payment for the pre-ordered goods.


6. Attention! For unauthorized refusal to receive the mail, the Buyer bears all the costs of returning to the Store.


7. Payment of such costs as customs fees, additional courier delivery within the country, and any other costs associated with receiving the order, lies with the buyer in full.


8. If the goods were delivered with obvious damage during transportation, the Buyer must immediately draw up an act with a list of damages, which is signed by the representative of the freight carrier, and must contact the Store as soon as possible.


9. The inability to draw up an act with a damage record or contact with the Store does not void the guarantees for the goods purchased by the Buyer in the Store. But an act with a record and timely notification of representatives of the Store will help the Store to file a claim with the transport company to receive an insurance premium and compensation for damage caused to the Buyer.